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A couples thoughts on faith, family, and finances

About Us

We are a 30ish couple (one of us has crossed that line) that lived somewhat recklessly and not financially responsible lives until recently. After things came crashing down (see this article) we had no alternative but to get our finances in order. In our search to find good information, we came across several extreme schools of thought. Finding a happy balance has been a challenge to say the least.

This blog is a record of the information that we have found helpful as well as a chronicle of our journey out of debt. We hope to inspire and encourage you, but mostly it is our deepest desire to help you achieve your goals and dreams by providing you with valuable information and resources to help you on your journey.

The title of this blog speaks volumes about our situation and attitude about our lives. We are not perfect. Everything that is on here may not be gold, but it will be in written in the mindset of helping you in some way. Which brings us to the comment policy: We welcome all comments, and encourage differing opinions. However, there are some things that it is futile to debate on as neither one of us will change our minds. Also, everyone is required to comment in a polite manner. Hateful, rude, obnoxious comments will be deleted. Comments of less than one sentence that add nothing of value to the discussion (i.e. “Great article”-link to a site) will also be deleted as comment spam.

The subtitle also gives a general direction of thinks to be covered. This is by no means an all inclusive list, but more of an idea on some of the major topics that will be discussed here.

  1. Faith– We are a Christian couple. That being said, our view on some subjects will differ from the majority. Now, we are not here to preach at you, nor are we going to force our God on you. We will not debate this issue, and our faith will only be discussed when it directly applies to a topic or circumstance.
  2. Family– We are going to write considerably about opportunities and the importance of having quality family time. We understand that not everyone has a tight knit family, so post in this area could be applied to friend. “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.”
  3. Finances– This is the big one. The inspiration for it all. We are going to report to you any and all useful information we can find on saving money, making money, and getting out of debt. We are going to be open and share our journey with you step by step and give regular updates on our progress.
  4. Fun– Lastly, all the money in the world without any debt is useless without fun. We would like to share ways that we interact with our child, as well as discuss some of the developmental benefits of certain activities (Mrs. Imperfect will soon, May 09!!, graduate with a degree in teaching). Some of these articles will list ways we have discovered to have a great time without taking a second mortgage out!

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