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RSS Description

What is RSS?

When speaking of automatically gathering new information published online, RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. This allows you to receive new content as soon as it becomes available. Whenever a site that you are subscribed to publishes a new article, or page, it will be automatically delivered to your reader (we will cover that in a moment) of choice. If you are subscribed to any newsletters via email (daily, weekly, monthly, etc), then you are already receiving updates as they become available. By using a feed reader, you can still receive valuable information, as soon as it becomes available, without filling up your email inbox.

Just as there is a whole plethora of free email providers available, there are quite a few feed readers at your disposal as well. Google, Bloglines, and Newsgator are three that come to mind immediately. As with your email, each reader will let you create folder to place your feeds in. For example, I have a news folder, personal finance folder, religious messages folder, etc. Having the information separated allows you to choose what you have time (or are in the mood for), and only read updates pertaining to those subjects. Most sites are set so that when you click on that orange feed button, it takes you to a page that ask you to pick the reader you would like to subscribe with. For example, if you already have a Gmail account with Google, you can subscribe via Google reader with the same user name and password. Your subscriptions will be kept separate from your email though.

Here is a simple presentation that we have put together for you. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will answer as best we can. Have a great day!


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